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Sunshine Vibes: 3 Summer Outfits

Yes, I know, you probably all just thought I was done blogging or something. I’m really not, but Instagram is truly my primary platform and favorite hobby. I still wanted to publish the outfits I took pics in this…

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So do ballerinas go to college?

Yes, the question I’ve received every day of  my high school career actually has a long, detailed answer. That’s okay! I want you to know! So here’s what I’ve learned, not from personal experience, but from wise council in…

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10 reasons to keep a journal

Yes, I am back! After an incredible summer in SLC, it’s great to be back in Dallas… and back to writing! I really want to keep up with this blog and now I have the time to do it.…


{ballet} RECOVERY: roll & relax

As dancers, we all have shows, long rehearsal weeks, or just in general crazy dance schedules. It’s so important for us to take free time//me time to recover. Whether it be a day, two, or a week, we have…


Weekday Thoughts – 5 awesome things on june 1st

While I love happy Christmas time and starting new in fall and the freshness of spring, there is nothing quite like June-August here in Texas. Here are 5 awesome things about June 1st (and my mediocre iPhone photography) ❤️…