The Benefits of Being Best-Friends With Your Mom

I know what you’re thinking, oh great, another blog post about loving your mom.

Yeah, most of us have moms, and most us love our moms. I’m just here to tell you how much better life gets when you grow-up, and let her be your best-friend. When I was fifteen, even sixteen, I didn’t need her to be my friend, I needed her to be my mom. I needed her to give me boundaries, yell at me, drive me to dance, and take my phone away. I would be completely different if she hadn’t. I still need her to tell me when I’m wrong, ask me about deadlines, tell me if an outfit is too slutty, take my blog pictures, and hassle me about spending too much money.

I’m about to leave. I’m facing the reality that I will never “live” with her ever again. Home will still be home, but my parent’s house will never again be only home. I’m gonna need my mom more than ever, but this time I need her to let me complain, cry on her shoulder, take me shopping, visit me when I’m lonely, and ask me about my week. I know this kind of relationship won’t be a problem for us, because she’s already my best friend. Sure I have plenty of best-friends my own age, but no one understands me like she does. No one knows my entire history, and no one will ever be as similar to me as she is. I could give you a cheesy Buzzfeed list of relatable gifs talking about how she’s my shopping buddy, but it’s so much more than that.

My mom is my spiritual mentor, my standard, and my evidence that living for Christ creates a flood of answers and immeasurable joy. My mom is an example of the kind of person I want to be, and sometimes she’s a reflection of the person I am now… the good and the bad. I may look like my handsome dad, and I more appreciate his sense of humor, but I definitely inherited her music taste and love for fashion. I may not be as organized and tidy as her, but I learned her creativity and love for writing.

Yes, I think my parents are the coolest people ever, but most people think that. Look at your mom, and notice the ways you’re like her. She’s probably influenced your life more than any other person ever. She devotes her existence to maintaining yours. When your childhood comes to an end, let her be your best-friend, because I’m sure that she wants to. The benefits of being close to your mom are literally scientific, but mentally and spiritually we need our moms more than anything.

At least tell her you love her.

Dedicated to Mama.




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