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So do ballerinas go to college?

Yes, the question I’ve received every day of  my high school career actually has a long, detailed answer. That’s okay! I want you to know!

So here’s what I’ve learned, not from personal experience, but from wise council in the ballet world. The transition from being a serious ballet student to a professional ballet dancer is an interesting and often long journey. Most ballet dancers begin this transition between the ages of 16 of 20, from who I know. Basically, all of the ballet companies are different, but I have noticed that many companies have entry level positions and training programs on many different levels. These are often labeled as (trainee programs, professional programs, second companies, etc.) My plan, as well as many other dancers I know, is trying to audition for these type of programs as they graduate high school or near graduation. I’ve had several friends be accepted into these type of programs before their senior year (you go!). Ballet dancers just kind of take it one step at a time, and many of them choose to be ballet majors in college, or take college classes while in these programs. There is no cut and dry way to do it, just trusting God that he will make His plan known to us, and doing well in auditions! From all of us who are graduating in these next few years, this is what we have understood to be true, and yes, we are still applying and touring awesome colleges!

So yes I am applying to some great universities, and it is just as much of an opportunity to get into these schools as getting into a program with a ballet company. I’m praying that I will know what I am supposed to do when the time comes, and that’s basically all you need to know!






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