I’m 16 years old and I’ve had more than 5 failed businesses

The title of this post pretty much explains it, but hilariously my entrepreneurial inclination has pushed me in the ditch many, many times.

About once every other year I have an idea for some incredible business opportunity that’s going to make me tons of money, often with some item in mind that the money will be used for. I decided to reflect and laugh about these incredible ideas chronologically. I was basically a young Tom Haverford (P&R).

  1. Some greeting card business. Basically I would fold paper and write “Happy Birthday” on it.
  2. Greeting card business with a name, “A Time to Dance Cards,” and yes I did have a lemonade/card stand outside my house for a weekend.
  3. Many lemonade stands. I used to brag about scoring $17 in 4 hours. 
  4. Bobby-pins with beads glued on. Made 12, sold 0.
  5. Ugly skirts. Made 1 skirt, told 10 girls that it could be theirs for only 2 installments of $4.99.
  6. Jo’s Bows. Made about 30 of these decent looking hair bows for girls, around the time that top knots with bows was a literal thing, sold about 3. Even had an instagram and facebook page. 
  7. Instagram leotard buy, sell, and trade. Basically just wanted to anonymously sell my old leotards.
  8. Poshmark Closet. So basically the only clothing items I have sold on Poshmark are bad quality and cheap, no one is interested in the new with tags dress that was $350, listed for $99…


Note the “Jordan’s Custom Cards” at the bottom!


There were many other ideas including social media accounts, exclusive clubs, and more… but these were the $$$! Kinda cute, mostly funny…

xoxo 🙂

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