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Lots of clothes? Yep me too…

Yes I have lots of clothes, and due to some ridiculous late height sprouting, lots of it has not been worn in a year plus! 

That’s when I found Poshmark… and no this is NOT an ad… I just honestly want to tell you what I’ve been doing with it!

Basically I just post pictures and info of clothes from my closet that I want to sell, and people buy it! Then Poshmark sends me a pre-paid/addressed shipping label, and I slap it on a box and stick it in the mail box, done! It really made me realize how important it is to clean out the stuff you don’t wear, so that you can use the money you make back to replace it! 

Here’s some pics that I use on my closet!


Also, since I’m a top-rated seller on there, you can use the code JSYDI to get a free $10 to spend on there 😉 they have so much awesome designer stuff and even most that still have tags!

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