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I feel like I start every post with an apology for the fact that I only post once a month (or less). Well I’m busy so this is just the way its gonna be. 🙂

Okay! So in some of the free time that I did have, I decided that I wanted to keep a verse journal. It’s basically just a journal that you write all of your favorite and encouraging Bible verses and the date you found it. After digging through all of my old school supplies and finding nothing usable, I decided to DIY this one. After getting halfway through my project, my mom was like, “Oh are you writing a blog post about that?” Well, actually, no. But I did anyways! I started capturing photos late in the process, but here it is:


m a t e r i a l s : :

  •  scissors
  • needle and thread
  • thumb tacks
  • thin card board or poster board
  • paper
  • ribbon or burlap string
  • sharpie pens (optional)

s t e p s : :

  1. Here we go! You’ll definitely want a bigger piece of cardboard than pictured, but you’re going to cut the cardboard into a rectangle that you will fold in half. This will be the book cover so measure accordingly.
  2.  Decide how many pages you want for your notebook. I wanted 30 pages so I grabbed 15 sheets of white printer paper. Don’t use any paper thicker than this.
  3. I used a paper slicer for straight lines, but you are going to cut the paper so that when the stack is folded in half it will fit inside of the cover while being slightly smaller.
  4. This next part is the most complicated so I will try to be detailed. You are going to open the cover and lay it flat with the inside facing up. Take your stack of folded paper and open it. Lay it on top of the cover with the inside of the fold facing up. Make sure to line up the fold lines on the cover and the paper. Take a pencil and make evenly spaced dots down the crease of the top paper. Take a thumb tack and puncture holes through the paper and cardboard all the way down. I discovered that you might need to pick it up to poke the whole all the way through.
  5. Take the thread and cut a really really long piece. Fold it in half. Thread one of the folded ends through the needle. With the needle on it, fold it in half again and tie those ends together in a thick double knot.
  6. Now, you’re going to thread the needle through the holes you poked in the book. When you reach halfway, stop. 
  7. As you saw in the picture, you’re going to tie the string onto the middle stitch to secure it as your book tie. Continue stitching until you reach the last hole, tie a double knot and cut.
  8. The next part is optional, but I used a pencil and sharpie to do some fake calligraphy on the front. other then that, you’re done!!! <3 

Here are some other photos from the process for reference!

XOXO, jordan <3

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