Sunshine Vibes: 3 Summer Outfits

Yes, I know, you probably all just thought I was done blogging or something. I’m really not, but Instagram is truly my primary platform and favorite hobby. I still wanted to publish the outfits I took pics in this summer and link all the products, because as always, they are almost all on sale and super affordable!

You can find the yellow dress here. <<

You’ll notice none of the outfits include shorts, and I have to be honest, I hate shorts. It may be very hot and muggy in Texas this summer and always, but I still avoid them unless they are for athletic purposes. I have extremely narrow hips, and they always seem to ride up when I walk, be too tight on my butt, and too big on my waist. Problematic. Hence, pants and dresses.

This summer has been my first summer at home since I was 14, because I was always at ballet summer intensives. This was the first summer that I didn’t need to be at one since I’m returning to Ballet West in August. It’s been so nice to balance rest and recuperation with my focus on cross-training, strength, diet, rediscovering my passion for my craft, and why I believe God has called me to do it! Summer is just good for the soul.

This first outfit is such a vibe with the combination of a long-line, pastel blazer with high-waisted, cropped, lightwash denim. It’s pulled together by the true star, the block-heeled, multi-colored, fur sandals. The only thing I would’ve added to this feminine outfit would be a navy belt to tie the navy from the shoes to under the jacket.

This look is one of my typical, edgy, black and white color-blocking looks. My fav colors. It’s so simple and easy to throw together, but still unique. A moment of honesty, I’ve only ever worn these adorable boots for photos, because they are so incredibly uncomfy. I purchased them in an 8 when I’m really a 9 because I just needed to have them. Would not recommend.

This last outfit is so comfy, basic, and totally bumble bee. A simple t-shirt dress in a bright yellow paired with platform sneakers is so perfect for a busy summer afternoon. It made me so happy, I had to dance around in it!

I hope you have been enjoying your summer as much as I have! Don’t forget to keep up with me on my Insta and Insta Stories! You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest for more inspo!


Jordan xx


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