Stage Smile – At Home Teeth Whitening Review

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As a professional performer, smiling is just a requirement for a good show. I have pretty small teeth, and have never been super confident in my smile. My teeth are straight and fairly white, but my small smile is less than dazzling. The only thing that I can enhance about my smile without breaking the bank is at home whitening treatments. I’ve tried whitening strips, and super whitening toothpaste, but ouch… my teeth are so sensitive that it becomes almost impossible to finish the treatments. Even cold water was painful to drink after using a drug store whitening treatment.

Smile Brilliant’s at home teeth whitening kit changed how I saw the teeth whitening process. It was so exciting to get to make a mold of my teeth and have them create a custom tray to fit perfectly to my teeth, perfect for me because my teeth are smaller than the average adult. When I first filled my trays with the whitening gel, my gums started stinging and turning white. This is what usually happens when I use whitening systems. I was disappointed, but kept the trays on for about 45 minutes. I was hopeful that the desensitizing gel that is used following whitening would help. IT DID! No more pain, no sensitivity to cold drinks and foods after, and no gum pain for the rest of the treatments. Another suggestion would be to rub a little coconut oil on your teeth before your first whitening treatment!

Now I know you’re wondering what the results are, so keep following along to see the before and after shots. I used the system two-three times per week for six weeks. My smile is GLOWINGLY whiter. I hope that I’m blinding audiences when I smile on stage.


Here’s Before:

Wow… up close and personal. And not very yellow, right?

Now see After:

My smile looks unreal! Like seriously insta-worthy, without fake editing!

I couldn’t be happier with the results, so I want y’all to get to experience having your smile transformed like I did.

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