Hey peeps! Spring has sprung, and this girl couldn’t be happier. Growing up in Texas, I was always dying for a “real” winter. I wanted snow and winter coats. After getting a real winter here in Utah (although I’ve been told this was a verrrrry mild one), I’m realizing that you really do have to be careful what you wish for. I’ve been so craving a little sunshine and warmth. Laying by the pool, I got a taste of that over spring break at home last week, and was so excited that weather was warm here in Salt Lake when I flew back in. But nah, didn’t last long. April Fools. It was 22 degrees on my walk to Ballet West this morning. So since I can’t wear this lil outfit yet, I’m linking it for the girls lucky enough to get some heat right now!

RIP to my tan.

Scroll to shop.

 Before the sun came out in D-town, clouds were following me around. I made the best of it and went slushing around in mud for some cute tulips and cute insta content. Obviously worth it.

People were definitely staring at the girl who chose to wear white boots to a flower farm. Idk her though.

You guys, this dress seriously is under $25. A miracle. You can shop the look here. You’re welcome.

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