Red Door

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Hi friends. I’m writing this outfit post from the cutest little coffee shop in Salt Lake. There’s a lofted area with a bar overlooking the main floor. I’m perched up here with my back – and computer screen – facing a whole group of college students. I can’t help but wonder if they are staring at my screen thinking, “what in the bleep is that girl doing scrolling through pictures of herself for twenty minutes.”

Hey, @ the person sitting behind me (if they’re reading this). I’m not self absorbed, I’m actually quite self-deprecating. Believe it or not, I actually make money posting pictures of my outfits and writing dumb anecdotes (like this one) on the internet. So thanks for the content, nosy.

I named this post “Red Door” because I honestly couldn’t think of anything particularly interesting about it, except for the cool red door in the cover photo. The door just perfectly went with my outfit, which is in itself a ~mood~.

I love this outfit mostly because of the lack of color. It gives me an opportunity to wow the haters with some metallic silver platform sneakers.

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A little heads up, in a couple days I’ll be travelling to Berlin, Germany for ten days. It’s for ballet, I’ll be training and performing at the Berlin State Ballet School! Hopefully I’ll have just enough free time to shoot some pictures for a travel post! Probably won’t publish until I’m back in Utah, so keep up with me on Instagram stories. In the meantime, send some prayers with me and let me know if you have any Berlin suggestions!




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