Exploring Utah Culture Part 1

When I found out last July that I would be moving away from my Texas home to live on my own for the first time in  Salt Lake City, Utah, I honestly wasn’t scared. I saw Utah as a safe, family-oriented, heavily mormon populated, suburban place. Well, I was right. While Utah does have all of those things, it also has great shopping, incredible scenery, granola culture, strange weather (snow, wya?), tons of weddings, and even more mommy bloggers. Exploring this underrated city of salty lakes, old temples, and too many homeless people has been quite the adventure.

A couple weekends ago I went to a few new locations in my city with two of my girlfriends. We even picked up some food from the most delicious vegan spot. (I’m not vegan but I’m on an organic, sustainable, health food kick. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a post of my favorite food spots in SLC!)

Our first stop was the huge and breath-taking Utah State Capitol. You can check out those pics here.

Next we stopped at a cute little rare books store just outside downtown. I was very enthralled by their book-covered wall outside the store. People who actually read glared while I vogued in my sneakers in front of the book wall, oops! Of course, the random book I grabbed to pose with was a commentary on the Book of Mormon. Not my ideal pick, but fitting for exploring Utah’s culture.

You can check out the pics from our book store stop below! Our third stop will coming in another post soon. Scroll to the bottom of the photos to shop my ~too early to be excited for spring~ outfit!



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