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Guest Post by Anita Chitnis of @unstickyourlife

Hey friends! One of my favorite things about this mind-blowing, endless world we call the internet is the opportunity we have to share our hearts and thoughts with people who would otherwise never know of us. I love getting to share other boss babes who are working to grow their businesses and passions just like I am. So much work goes on behind the scenes of all your favorite Instagrammers, bloggers, influencers, etc. Here is a fellow blogger, Anita Chitnis, who is sharing her thoughts on confidence, body positivity, and dressing your best! Enjoy!

I was under the impression that it was a bad thing if I thought I looked good. I have never seen people around me be truly confident in how they look and not have third parties say that they were conceited. I was under this impression that if I liked to be fashionable and liked what I saw in the mirror then I was conceited and narcissistic but I couldn’t be further from the truth. Come to think of it, I actually started to be self conscious if I felt good about myself. I used to think that if I liked fashion it meant that I was not intelligent and that if I was a science geek than I couldn’t possibly like designer shoes. You can be a well dressed, well groomed doctor boss babe who likes to drink tea and do yoga in her free time while listening to rock and indie pop music if you so choose.


I wanted to take the time to tell you that you are amazing and you should feel so good about yourself. You like what you see in the mirror? Great! Celebrate it! Wear what you want to wear and do not be afraid to flaunt what you got girl! It does not make you shallow to love fashion, makeup and designer boots. Just because you like fashion does not mean you can’t be intelligent as well. You don’t have to be a “traditional dumb blonde” type just because you like fashion magazines. You can be beautiful, intelligent and worthy of everything. I, along with so many other women I have helped, have been under this impression you have to choose one or the other and I am here to tell you that is not true at all.


When I began my weight loss journey, I started to see results and genuinely enjoy looking in the mirror. I used to enjoy looking at the gains I made, I used to like trying on “goal clothes”. The problem was, the people around me made me out to feel shallow because I enjoyed looking a certain way. That is toxic energy that you do not need in your life. As long as you don’t hurt others around you for not looking a certain way you can do whatever you want. Be excited for fashion, embrace name brand stuff.


Challenge yourself to be a more well rounded person, challenge yourself to talk to people who are completely different than you and you will realize you can be parts of different cliques. You can be a science geek but also love overspending at Sephora. You can be into lifting weights but also love wearing heels and doing your hair. Do not let people put you into a box and make you feel bad for not fitting into it. It took me awhile to come to this realization but the truth of the matter is, to be truly happy you should do thing you love, try new things to see if you like them and not care about what third parties have to say about it. There are many different ways to live life and you don’t have to choose one path and only do things on that one path. This is not high school, you don’t have to choose to sit at the band table or the jock table. Hell, create your own table and invite others to sit with you!


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