The Perfect Eye Mask for a Sleepy Ballerina

very sleepy ballerina.

As most of you know, I’m a full-time ballet dancer. Rehearsing for about three different performances has me working 9 hour days of physical and mental activity. I’ve been spending all of my weeknight evenings prepping (and complaining) for the next day. My routine includes food, ice bath, shower, food, blogging, Netflix, and food. Sadly, none of those things hide the great amount of ~tired~ riddled all over my face the next morning. The tired shows all around my eyes: discoloration, puffiness, and ashy dryness.  Looking like some kind of zombie in a leotard is not ideal when your girl has to look peppy and pretty to get the part. It’s very difficult to cover dry skin with makeup, and my sensitive eyes can’t handle lotions and most eye creams. They often exaggerate my irritation symptoms. I’ve struggled to find any solution.

Thankfully I’ve had the opportunity to try VII Code’s oxygen eye mask. My under-eyes were brightened, moisturized, and no longer puffed up! My sensitive skin wasn’t irritated at all (a shocker!). It’s instantly soothing when the cool gel side touches your skin, making it relaxing and comfortable to sleep in. It works for up to eight hours so that as soon as you wake up your eyes are ready to take on whatever the day has in store for you.

~ Here’s a pic of me being a dork in a snap filter in bed. ~

The product is a must have for any tired girl. And let’s be honest, ladies, we’re all tired. We can try as hard as we want to hide it with help from our friend, Sephora, but skin care should always come first.

The VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask comes with six sets of eye masks made out of gentle (and lowkey magical) materials. You can get your own by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to check out VII Code on social media for updates on their other products:

IG: @viicodebeauty FB: @VIIcodeUSA TW: @VIIcode_us

My awesome jewelry is from my friends at Gorjana. You can shop the necklace HERE and the ear-climber HERE.

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