Theme and Variations

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My readers that are also ballet dancers probably read this piece’s title and wondered what on earth my outfit has to do with the famous Balanchine ballet, Theme and Variations. I am bit of a closet bunhead (a dancer who seriously eats, sleeps, and breathes ballet), and when thinking of what inspired my outfit today, the word theme came to mind and of course directed me down a ballet history path. Posing in front of the massive Utah State Capitol, in a blazer, large bag in hand, I was feeling quite corporate. Of course, then I would look down,  and it doesn’t take me long to remember my mini skirt and over-the-knee boots. Quite the variation on an all-business theme!

I think part of what makes fashion so much fun is getting to experiment with different styles, occasions, and themes to create something unique. I’m obsessed with my oversized blazer, but it’s hard not to make it look too serious.  (Not that I’m ever that serious). When I bought it, I was getting total 80’s vibes. I couldn’t wait to throw it on with my giant hoop earrings. Pairing it with a lowkey-too-short sweater dress and my favorite power boots plays down the blazer and makes it a little more fun to strut in. If it’s not so sunny where you live, I would suggest throwing on some black tights under the dress.

If you live in Salt Lake City, you understand how thankful I am that the sun came out and burned through the inversion. I’m soaking up every minute I can when I’m not in the studio! I’m currently whiter than I’ve ever been, and if you read one of my previous posts, a spray tan is not an option.

Here you can shop the look! Keep in mind the blazer is actually from Zara, but I’ve found some awesome look-a-likes!


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