Bringing Holiday Party Outfits into the New Year

Hey guys. I’m just going to throw a moment of complete honesty at you. The title of this post just sounds so ~profesh~, but it’s a lie. The concept of wearing your Christmas/NYE party pants in 2018 is totally real, but I’m pretending that’s what I did here. I did not attend any parties over the holidays, and these photos were shot at Thanksgiving. I had the intention of posting this outfit as NYE party inspo. I may not have gotten around to writing that piece, but I have good excuses. There are literally other eighteen year-olds spending hours of their lives playing with fidget spinners, rewatching Vine compilations, and tagging their friends in Instagram memes. Okay… I’m doing that, too.

Anyways, after failing to post my outfit before the end of 2017, I decided to pretend I was using this jumpsuit as a party piece that’s been reworked. In all actuality, I saw several girls wearing this exact jumpsuit – with nothing interesting added – for parties. So maybe I really will inspire some of you to take your statement pieces and spice them up a bit!

I had to be honest with you guys, because I’ve been thinking so much lately about how different reality is from what we choose to portray ourselves as. My photos may look like professional pictures of high fashion outfits, but I’m just a kid who likes to wear clothes and tell stories that make people laugh. I want to do a post showing behind the scenes photos compared to their insta-worthy doubles and explain what was actually happening at the time of the photo. Leave a comment on this post if that’s something you’d be interested in reading! I know I would have tons of fun writing it. Almost as much fun as watching old vines.

If you only came here for the clothes, here’s the look!



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