Nap to Runway

I did my very best with this look to make my comfiest wardrobe pieces look runway/instagram chic. A cotton hoodie and baggy flare slacks? Recipe for freedom. The look itself may be a bit too out-there for some, but I promise that the parts of the whole are things you need in your wardrobe. And hey, maybe some of you like to be a little out-there!

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Here’s how I put it all together for a ~patriotic winter look~.

I will say one thing for those brave enough to take the streets in an outfit that leaves the realm of skinny jeans and big sweaters, people just assume that you’re somebody. Would a nobody leave the house in this? I mean, other than me? I drew a small crowd while taking these pics, and I wish I just could of pulled my shades off and said, “I’m not a famous person. I have maybe 4 friends.” Sorry about my self-deprecating sense of humor.

Maybe I shouldn’t put these dancer feet out for public consumption in open-toe shoes.

Look back at it babes. Branch out. Buy the pants. Make people think you’re famous.





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