A Look That Covers The Food Baby

Hey everyone, I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!
I wanted to share with you all my outfit for the special occasion that is stuffing my face. Since I didn’t get a lay-off, my family came to see me here in Utah. We had the most decadent feast and I honestly ate myself to the point of exploding. Five slices of pie. Five. I was probably most thankful for my over-sized denim coat that covered my food baby. My mother noted that I looked four months preggers. The mark of a great Thanksgiving!

While I wish I could say that I actually felt as fabulous as I look like I did, I didn’t. Wearing tights on my only day off during the exhausting Nutcracker season was a disturbing experience. I occasionally looked down at my feet to remind myself that I was not in pointe shoes also.

I didn’t realize how worn my essential black boots are starting to look until I saw these photos. Good thing my OTK’s are in the mail!

Check out the rest of the look and then keep scrolling to shop my look!

Hope you all found some inspiration!



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