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Color, Cuts, Contentment, and Complacency

Just some weeknight ramblings.

Over the past year, I’ve regularly fallen in love with a hair color that I don’t have at the time. I then excitedly get my hair done, and fall in love with a different color or cut. I have gone from reddish dark brown, to an ombre, to my natural color, to highlights, to medium blonde, and now to medium brown and short. Go ahead and think what you want. I’m content with the skin and bones God put me in, but I am not complacent. More on that later.

There are a lot of theories out there as to why people love to change their hair style and color. I’ve always heard that it gives people a sense of control in their lives. My hair stylist told me that she heard that people often revert to a cut or color that they had in a time in their lives when they were happiest, younger, or felt their most attractive. It suggests that those who continually change things up have either learned to be happy in every stage of their life, or are constantly believing they are unhappy.

These theories got me thinking about humanity, aside from hair. Contentment has been on my mind a lot since my pastor discussed it last Sunday. He spoke about how when we live our lives discontent, we close ourselves off to where we are supposed to be. It’s hard to enjoy the present when you’re planning the future or wishing for better. It’s so so true. Contentment is so necessary when it comes to gratitude and where God has placed us in life, the opportunities He’s given us, and our human limits. Contentment is not welcome when it comes to measuring ourselves as persons. I think this is because this kind of contentment gets confused with complacency. Gratitude is not static. Not desiring to be better is this kind of complacency. I have so much respect for the people who are not complacent with themselves and are always trying to become a better person, feel their best, look their best, and hopefully strive to be more like Jesus.

I hope that I can try to be more content with my life, with my blessings, and the path that I’m on. I hope that I never become too content or complacent with my faithfulness, my dancing ability, my efforts in my relationships, my health, or honestly even my hair ~ lol~. I feel my best when I look my best! The key is to understand what is our best, and what can be better. I have to accept that I am human and God made me exactly who I am. We can never be perfect, but we can always be better. Be content with what you’ve been given, but not what you give to the world.

I wish I could end this post with “but idk tho” because I’m no expert in anything and I don’t want to accidentally ruin your life, but I hope my late night thoughts gave you something to think about. 🙂


Jordan xo

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