My Eyes are Up Here

Sometimes you just can’t help but pull all of the attention to one area of your outfit. For me, my sunglasses are usually the most adventurous and eye-catching aspect, but not for this look. It’s these boots. (Gotta channel my girl Zenon)
It worked out well for me that all eyes were on my feet, because my face was completely naked. I was on my way to get my brows and lashes tinted. If you’re only here for the outfit, catch it below. If you care to hear about my tintation, keep scrolling.

Now about my brow/lash tinting experience. If you have sensitive eyes like me, you know that having anyone mess with anything near your eyeballs is torture. Brows I can handle, but water being poured from a bowl DIRECTLY onto my eyeball to wash the black dye out was torture. I also learned that my eyelashes must be naturally pretty dark because I honestly didn’t look that different. I was happy with the color results on the eyebrows, but the technician just assumed I wanted Cara Delevigne brows because she stained the skin all around them to make them giant. Not a fan. Give it a try, but know what you want, and what your eyeballs can handle. Several weeks later and my all my eye hairs are back to normal, but I’m $30 poorer.

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