Feeling Sunny


Usually I wouldn’t be caught dead walking around looking like a highlighter, but I guess I’ve never really been too afraid of drawing attention to my clothes. I feel my most comfortable at the times where my outfit is killer. I carry myself, walk, and speak the way I feel on the inside when I wear the things that make me feel confident. I love that clothes can do that. I love that fashion is so personal and about making yourself feel good. Fashion is not dressing for the opinions of others!

(Very peeved about the pocket hanging out.)

I get passionate when I start writing about the things I love and I start to rant. Reasons why I can’t write about ballet on here. Anyways, this outfit is pulled together by my favorite color of accessory: black, jeans by my loves at J. Crew, and a popping top by my favorite London brand Topshop. Shades are from Forever 21 ~ aka a mistake.

I hope you’re prepared for a flood of blog posts of me sporting winter wear, because the forecast predicts temps dropping into the 50’s here in SLC. That’s a FROSTED day for this Texas girl.




She is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

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