Guest OOTD – Annie Sharp from Posh Reality

I’m so excited to introduce to you guys my friend and fellow fashion blogger, Annie Sharp! You can check out my OOTD this week on her awesome site Posh Reality.

Hey guys!! It’s Annie! I have been living the college life for about 3 weeks now and let me tell you…IT IS GREAT. I absolutely love meeting millions of new people everyday and now that I am finally getting settled into this new lifestyle I have time to get back to blogging. Being reunited with my true love(blogging) has inspired me to reach out to other bloggers, which eventually lead us here. Appearing on Sincerely Jordan.
Now that I have explained why you are reading about me on this blog instead of the usual Posh Reality page, I will get to explaining the show stopping (as always) look that I am throwing down today.
I have been DYING share this dress with all of you. I have had this dress forEVER and the more I wear it the more I realize how much of an essential it is to a well-rounded closet. What I adore most is how easy it is to throw on. You literally just have to button up and walk out the door.
We all have that color that catches your eye and it just so happens that (after pink of course) army green is mine. Especially for fall, you can never go wrong with this dress. The summer is for bright, fun and vibrate colors, but when falls hits your wardrobe should take a hit as well. What I mean by that, is you want to start to wear a little more washed out colors to fit in with the cooling vibe Fall gives off. As for the shoes, I wore some classic wedges, but that is because I am a girl who can’t stay away from a little extra height. I may be 5’9 but there is no shame in wanting to be taller. You can truly wear this dress with any shoes. If you are feeling a bit more casual that day then just throw on some slides but if you want to dress it up then rock those wedges. As long as you don’t wreck the look with some stilettos you will be fine. Until next time…

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Shop Annie’s look here:

Dress – Nordstrom

Annie Sharp

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