Textures and Color Blocking

What’s up guys! Thanks for all the love on my last post, it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a blog piece. Lol.

Today I’m bringing you pajamas. Not really, but I do feel like this look is inspired by slippers and a ~nightgown~. I had a whole collection of those things in every Disney princess theme as a kid. They were so uncomfortable, but to quote my mother, “beauty hurts”.

Part of what I love about this outfit is the textures. The velvet dress, velvet choker, furry slides, and shiny shades compliment each other so well. Just gonna be honest with you, this outfit was not at all planned. I was completely out of clean clothes and the dress was too short for my black heels, so I slid into my slides and out the door.

My other fav thing about this accidental outfit is the color blocking of the shoes, dress, and choker that make it pop. The black gives me the edge that I love alongside the softness of the pink.

To shop the outfit:


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