Why You Should Get a Record Player

Those who know me well know that I get fixated on having particular things (I’m looking at you, Mom) until I have it, and then the phase moves on pretty quickly. Something that I thought would be a phase was getting a record player, but six months later and I’m still using it every. day. I always have the next album that I want to add to my collection in mind, and I dance around my room fearlessly listening to my favorite music.

I have a Crosley player that is the perfect starter record player, but I would suggest upgrading to better one if you end up having a decent sized collection. Amazon is a great place to order new records, and even some vintage, too. All of my vinyl is from Amazon. My next goal is to get a subscription to VYNL.

There is honestly nothing better than the sound of vinyl, and nothing cooler than having physical copies of your favorite albums. What if the internet, Spotify, and Apple Music aren’t forever? Your girl still has her tunes. Not to mention having the art of the covers to cover my bedroom floor.

Seriously, invest in it, it’s worth it.



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